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What is SniperSpy Software?

SniperSpy Software CouponSniperSpy is remote monitoring software that allows you to watch the remote PC like a television. It is specially designed for the parents and employers who want to keep an eye on children and employees respectively in their absence.

It allows “live streaming” of any of your remote computer and you just require an internet connection to view all the happenings live. It save screenshots, text logs, visited websites, keystroke and every other activity that is related to your remote PC.

Why Should I Need Sniper Spy?

With the availability of high-speed internet, children sometimes come across websites that are inappropriate for their age. Many children also complain that they have been bullied by an individual over the internet or some individuals harass them over social websites. In order to protect children from all such stuff, SniperSpy can be of great assistance. With it, a parent can safely monitor his child and even control his computer-based activity through an online control panel at any time.

In the same way, employers need to monitor the computer-based activity of employees and ensure that they work in the working hours effectively. In order to perform the supervisory role successfully, SniperSpy can be a great tool to inspect the activities of the workforce and ensure every individual is motivated towards work.

Why SniperSpy is Good?

SniperSpy is truly great software that allows remote monitoring all the time from anywhere. It is easy to install and provides easy Control Panel access. It is compatible with any firewall and can also be installed by sending an e-mail to the remote PC. SniperSpy runs in background and records every activity of the computer. All the collected information is then sent to your online account that is password protected and only you can log-in to see the details.

Key Features of SniperSpy Software

SniperSpy is a LIVE surveillance tool. It monitors

  • Facebook Activities
  • Websites Visit
  • All PC activities
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Audio Details
  • Clipboard Activity
  • Instant Messages
  • Applications Used

It surveillance system allows

  • Viewing of Screen and Keystrokes LIVE
  • To see Locations on a Map
  • Downloading of Remote Files
  • Browsing of the File System
  • Viewing of Browser History
  • To have System Information and more!

Installation and Setup

After confirmation of the order, the buyer will receive an email with the account information and account details. The buyer should open the email by using the computer he wants to monitor and download the software on the respective PC. After downloading the software, the user can manually install Sniper Spy easily by following the instructions of the installation wizard.

As the installation process completes, SniperSpy will start monitoring the targeted computer automatically and send the related data to the online account of the user, which he can log in by following the details provided in the email sent to him by SniperSpy.


SniperSpy is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. For better operation of software, high-speed internet is also recommended. The details of compatible operating systems are as follows:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 are supported. A computer with 1-GB RAM and 50-MB disk space is recommended.

Mac OS X v10.6 to v10.10.1 are supported. The PC should have 50-MB of storage space and a RAM of 1-GB.

Ease of Use

Monitoring with SniperSpy is very easy. A user needs to have a computer nearby with an internet connection to get access to his control panel for viewing the monitored data. The control panel is user-friendly and gives easy access to the monitored data of the targeted PC.

How SniperSpy Works?

SniperSpy is easy to access and easy to control. It utilizes a very advance technology for its functioning. Here given is ‘How It Works’:

  • Make your purchase according to your requirements
  • Signup for Sniper Spy from their official SniperSpy website
  • Log-in to your account
  • Enter the Register key provided and download SniperSpy.
  • Install the program in your remote PC and start monitoring.
SniperSpy Control Panel

SniperSpy Dashboard – View Facebook Logs

Help and Support

The customer support of SniperSpy is excellent, any person can log in to the official website and ask any queries related to the software at any time by using the live chat support.

Final Verdict:

Overall, SniperSpy is a remarkable PC monitoring software that grants users easy control of a computer from a distance. Users can view computer’s activity in real time, check reports, block unwanted websites and even end processes of the targeted computer by using SniperSpy control panel. It is an ideal software for parents to keep a close eye on the internet-based activity of children and monitor what they search, type and view over the internet.

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