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In this SniperSpy review, we’re going to look at what this latest innovation software in monitoring child & employee computer is all about and key features.

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What is SniperSpy PC Monitoring Software?

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SniperSpy is the latest innovation software in monitoring child and employee computer. This software installs in remote  computer easily and then let you monitor computer’s live screen,  keystrokes, running web pages, PC activity, messenger conversations and social media activities like Facebook, MySpace. SniperSpy is different from all and has some new specific unique features. It works stealthily in background without letting the user to know about it.

SniperSpy Pros & Cons


It allows real-time monitoring of the remote computer in every possible way.


SniperSpy has limited storage capacity for screenshots and also it doesn’t check e-mails.

What Can Sniper Spy Do?

SniperSpy offers an extraordinary set of features and control options that let user to control the remote PC as they desire. Some of the key features of SniperSpy are as follows:

  • Record and View Screenshots
  • Check the List of Websites Visited
  • View Real Time Screen
  • Record Chat Conversations
  • Record Keystrokes
  • Block Websites
  • Check Applications Used
  • User-friendly Control Panel

Why to Use SniperSpy?

It is must to have Sniper Spy these days for any person who wants to remain alert in his absence. It is a perfect monitoring tool and allows you to keep an eye on your employees or children when you are not present.


Sniper Spy does not require special configuration system. It just requires a system running at least Windows XP or higher Windows Vista, 7 or 8 with at least 512MB of RAM and 50MB disk space, but it is highly recommended to have a high-speed internet connection.

SniperSpy is also available for MAC, so if you are a MAC user, you will need to have at least MAC OS X Snow Leopard v10.6 or higher MAC OS X Mavericks v10.9 with 512MB of RAM and 50MB disk space, and it is obvious to have a high-speed internet connection.


Installation of SniperSpy is much easier than other remoter monitoring software in the market. Following are some simple steps.

1. You first need to purchase subscription and register your account, an email will send to you with a license registration code, then log in to add license and download the application module.

2. You can install the module remotely via sending it as an email to remote user, renaming the file would hide the fact that it is a monitoring program.

3. Alternatively, you can install the module manually by executing the downloaded file into the remote user’s computer, after that, follow the on-screen instructions to start recording activities.

SniperSpy Review Dasboard

SniperSpy Review – Live Control Panel

Help and Support:

If you need any kind of assistance, SniperSpy’s team is always there to help you with your questions. Either you can hit their Toll-Free number @ 1-888-475-5345 or 1-904-696-1438. Their agents are available from 9am to 5pm EST, or you can chat online with their representative for LIVE support. You can also reach by leaving them your queries through email; this may take 24 hours or less to get them back to you.

SniperSpy Review – Conclusion

SniperSpy monitors all the remote computer activities and has a clean user interface. It is simple and you will not have any difficulty in using it. You can easily keep a watchful eye on your children, family, office employees and any other person. As the company is offering 15% off on this remote monitoring software at, it is the perfect time to purchase this remote PC monitoring software in less.

Where to Buy SniperSpy?

SniperSpy proposes two different packages for each Windows and MAC. You can buy theme from “”.  SniperSpy Windows’s price is $59.97 for 6 months and $79.97 for 12 months. Same prices are for MAC version, but it lacks some of features matching to Windows version.

Get SniperSpy Remote Monitoring Software for only $59.97!
No SniperSpy coupon code is required.


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