Frequently Asked Questions About SniperSpy

SniperSpy is a handy monitoring software that enables users to remotely monitor the computer activities of any individual from a distance. It is compatible with most versions of Windows and Mac operating systems and comes with superb technical support for users. Buying SniperSpy is a simple task, however, there are a few important things that you should know before installing this software, these are as follows:


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About SniperSpy Software:

SniperSpy FAQs

Can I Install SniperSpy Remotely?

No, you cannot install SniperSpy remotely, because it is necessary to take the proper consent of the person who you want to monitor or own the targeted computer where you need to install the software. After the aforementioned step, you need to download the software by logging in to your online account and manually install it onto the computer that needs to be monitored.

How Many Computers Can I Monitor at Once?

You can monitor one computer for a single license. In order to monitor multiple computers, you will need to purchase a separate license for every single computer that you want to monitor. However, you can uninstall SniperSpy software from one computer and then install it on some other PC by using the same license.

Is It Completely Hidden?

No, it is not hidden. The software displays a notification every time the computer loads Windows or Mac operating system and a password protected SniperSpy icon also appears on the desktop showing the computer user that a remote monitoring software is present for monitoring.

(SniperSpy FAQs)


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