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15% OFF Qustudio Coupon Code:

Get up to 15% discount on Qustudio Premium Plans at qustudio.com!

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Qustodio Review – #1 Parental Control Software

What is Qustodio?

qustudio coupon codeQustodio is an app for parents to monitor their kids and loved ones while they use their electronic devices such as Handphone, laptops, or notebooks. These apps of parenting monitor systems are offering protection while your kids surfing the internet with these few features such as Blocking inappropriate content on the internet by restricting the device even when in private mode surfing. And here we will explain What Is Qustodio has to over.

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Pros and Cons of Qustodio App:


  1. Qustodio can monitor your children’s experience while using their electronic devices on the internet.
  2. Qustodio is a cross-platform app that supports any device so you can monitor your children while they are using a different device such as family PC, Phones, laptops.
  3. This Qustodio parental control software can limit and control how much time your children time playing and surfing the internet, setting a time limit to each device so you can expect them having a healthy dose of the internet every day.
  4. As a protection app, Qustodio also equipped with the feature to support children such as a panic button which informs you of the child’s location every five minutes via email and contacts. Also, Qustodio has a feature that informs you when the child goes outside of the place where the kid is supposed to be.


  1. As great as the Qustodio app is, it has many flaws when installing in IOS based Device as IOS restricts interaction between apps on phone. Also, a panic button is not available for the IOS system which is such a waste of great protection for the children.

Why You Need This Parental Control App?

All parents should always monitor and protect their kids from outside danger, internet while beneficial for educational purposes of curious children who wish to learn a lot of new things, but unfiltered content on the internet is really dangerous and will potentially corrupt their minds with various undesirable content for kids such as violence, drugs, pornographic content, and gambling themed site while surfing online. Since dangers on the internet are as real as real-world Qustodio is created, for monitoring and controlling the device of children when surfing the internet or just playing games by filter what can be looked, decide time limit of use on the device and many other beneficial features. By parenting with Qustodio parents can monitor their activity such as internet reports, phone calls, massage and also finding your children in case of emergency with Qustodio is possible with their panic button system.

How Qustudio Works:

  1. Daily Time Limit

limit the time of your children to access the internet and also limit the time of the device usage, you can control the time your kids by using Qustodio to keep the healthy dose of activity on their phone.

  1. Restricted Time

restrict the time when the phone or online access can be used, this will give children a certain time when they can use and can’t use the internet on weekdays and weekends.

  1. Web Filtering

the name suggest Qustodio filtering websites with the theme that potentially affect your children in a bad way, such as content that contains violence, pornographic content, gambling, etc. all hazardous danger on the web is filtered and monitored for a parent to supervise.

  1. Games and Apps

Limit the game and application that can be used for on their device, limiting which one and what apps can be played and what apps can’t be used. There is also the time limit to playing games and using apps on their phones.

  1. Location

Qustodio parents can monitor their children’s location such as school, playground, or if their children still at home. A busy parent that spend more of their time at work will rest easy knowing their children are still at home or wander to the streets and exposed to unwanted accident or other danger.

  1. Social Monitoring

can control and monitor their kid’s social life with Qustodio Social monitoring system, phone calls, messages, and other social apps can be monitored and parents can also block the unknown callers and unknown number that potentially called. Parents can also read messages and phone call history when their kids using the phone.

  1. Panic Button

the name says Panic Button is a feature Qustodio creates in case of emergency when your kids are in potential danger teach them to press the Panic button. The Panic Button system will work by reaching 4 trusted contacts you pick via email and phone number sharing the kid location every 5 minutes and will never stop until the system is deactivated.

How to Install Qustodio?

Before installing make sure your computer operating system is up to date, restart your system and log in to your computer with an administrator account. And then make sure you are connected to the internet, also deactivate your antivirus service for a moment at least until Qustodio finished installing and can fully operate.

  1. For Windows or Mac

Go to the Qustodio website and click download option on their site, this will automatically download the latest version of Qustodio. After finished downloading Qustodio you can click the installer, after the install pop up open make sure you read carefully the terms and if the term of service is understood and accepted you may click the accept button and then Install. There are forms you need to fill if you haven’t had any Qustodio account you signup and fill your email address and password after signup. After that, you can choose the device name to identify the device to help to monitor. After that, you can apply your child profile on the device and then read the instruction carefully while figuring out how it works. For Mac users, you might need to add permission on the computer. So please check it careful.

  1. For Android Phone

For Android user if you already signed up and already have an account you can open google play store search Qustodio, tap the app and tap install. After you finished installing open the Qustodio app and tap “I have an Account”, there are term and condition pages please read carefully before accepting, then you can continue filling your email address and password to log in. after logging in you can choose which device it was for, you can pick it for your children or for a parent to monitor. When prompted to activate access make sure you choose to activate now, tap Qustodio and toggle accessibility on. Next, you must authorize and allow several functions from your device.

  1. For IOS Phone

For IOS user you can tap on Safari on IOS to monitor the device you want, Go to manage.qustodio.com/Enroll/ios you can tap you have an account option if you already have one, if not you can sign up on their official site. After that, you may log in and fill all the required. Next is to name the device for easier monitoring and then tap on install IOS profile and tap install and done, you have Qustodio on your phone. For IOS 10.3 or later you need to make sure Qustodio MDM Root CA is trusted, click setting and tap on General then tap on about and certificate trust setting. Next is toggle on the Qustodio Service CA and Qustodio MDM Root CA.

Also consider compatibility as Qustodio Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC 10.9 and not compatible with window-based phones.

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What Makes Qustodio Different from Other Employee Monitoring Service?

First of all, Qustodio is a parental monitoring app for a concerned parent, their target is children using their device. Qustodio also has 30 days trial free period, easily one of the most generous apps nowadays. Qustodio is a cross-platform app that supports various devices at the same time and more flexible for its users.

Is Qustodio Detectable?

If you don’t want to let your kids uninstall Qustodio while you’re no looking there is an option to hide Qustodio on computer. When you hide the Qustodio app from your computer the app will try the best as they can to conceal themselves, for example when the kid tries to access the restricted website they will be redirected back to Google search and when they play more than the time limit their device will log out automatically.

Qustodio is free to download, however, they offer a premium for parents with two or more children their best Pricing and Plans are the following:

  1. Small Plan. $4.58/month for small families and protect up to 5 devices.
  2. Medium plan. $8.08/month for most families and protect up to 10 devices.
  3. Large plan.  $11.50/month for Large families and protect up to 15 devices.

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15% OFF Qustudio Coupon Code:

Get up to 15% discount on Qustudio Premium Plans at qustudio.com!

15% OFF Qustudio Coupon Code:

Get up to 15% discount on Qustudio Premium Plans at qustudio.com!

Quick Qustudio.com Reviews:

qustudio com review

Their official site (https://www.qustodio.com/) are very easy to navigate, you can find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds. They offer technical support and also FAQ 24/7, on their customer service page. You can find them operating in North America and Europe, their Qustodio is registered trademark and differently legitimate in front of the law, we wish our brief explanation answer what is Qustodio. Please find the best Qustudio coupon codes that offer the best deal.

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Best Qustodio Promo Code:

15% OFF Qustudio Coupon Code:

Get up to 15% discount on Qustudio Premium Plans at qustudio.com!

15% OFF Qustudio Coupon Code:

Get up to 15% discount on Qustudio Premium Plans at qustudio.com!

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